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Access to energy

Enel's commitment

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

These projects seek to create a new business model linked to access to energy, aimed both at people who live in isolated rural areas and those who live in the peripheral areas of large urban conurbations. These are projects aimed at: removing economic barriers to access electricity; developing technologies for access to infrastructure; promoting technical training and capacity building; promoting energy efficiency; and promoting energy awareness. An example follows.

The project

“Rural electrification with Liter of Light”

Location: Eastern Cape

Business Line: Renewables

Asset: Nojoli Wind Farm

Installed Capacity: 88 MWAC

Sub Category: Promoting technical training and capacity building on energy

Beneficiaries 2016: 1,000

Planning: 11/10/2016 - 28/12/2018

Partners: Women in Oil & Energy South Africa (WOESA)

Business issue: 

Diffusion of clean energy & sustainable and innovative technologies as key enablers for skills development of local communities around the plant.


The project was launched in collaboration with the international NGO Liter of Light, affecting local communities within a radius of 50 km from the Nojoli facility.

The initiative took off with a training workshop of 60 young people from Somerset East, Cookhouse, Adelaide and Bedford villages in the area.

The Liter of Light volunteers explained how to assemble, operate and repair a “Solar Bottle” – in other words, plastic bottles that have been turned into 55 W solar power lamps by using a transparent plastic bottle, water, an electrical circuit made with recycled materials, a LED light, a solar panel and a rechargeable lithium battery.

Once the course was completed, the 60 young people built 18 Solar Bottles and 25 lanterns and have begun to install lamps in the villages with the support of our technicians. In addition to the green light project, we have promoted the creation of two technological hubs in Bedford and Cookhouse in the Nojoli area, to allow communities to learn more about digital technologies and open up to the world of internet.

Value for Enel: 

Spread knowledge of energy sources and their responsible use.

Good relations with the institutions and capacity building of local communities.

Value for stakeholders: 
  • The benefit to the local community above all is access to light.
  • Livelihood creation/set up a designated unemployed youth or woman as a local entrepreneur.
  • Safer communities.