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Stakeholders’ engagement

Understanding the expectations of stakeholders, through continuous and structured dialogue, is at the heart of the Enel’s strategy and perfectly in line with “Open Power”’s inclusive approach.
For the purposes of analyzing the priorities, the units responsible for relations with stakeholders are involved every year in identifying and updating the list of the most important stakeholders, so that they are always aligned with the various situations in which Enel operates. The joint work of the Group and the companies means there is an exhaustive and constantly up to date list of stakeholder categories, which takes specific forms depending on the company and/ or the country involved.
The stakeholder categories identified (financial community, institutions, business community, civil society and local communities, suppliers and contractors, employees, customers, the media) are assessed and weighted in relation to the following parameters: dependence (in the sense of the importance of the relationship for the stakeholder), influence (importance of the relationship for the Company) and urgency (temporal aspect of the relationship). The interaction with stakeholders takes place through numerous initiatives to involve them, with different methods depending on the communication channel (general, specific, and participatory channels), the type of relationship with the group concerned, the frequency of interaction and the reference context.

Main types and channels of communication with stakeholders

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