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Enel’s organizational model

During 2016 the organizational model was updated with the merger of the Upstream Gas and Trading Global Business Lines, the integration of Enel Green Power into the Group’s organizational matrix, the establishment of the Renewable Energies Global Business Line and the shifting of the management of major hydroelectric plants from the Generation Global Business Line (subsequently renamed Thermal Generation) to the Renewable Energies Global Business Line, as well as the creation of two new regions, North and Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, in order to guarantee effective organizational control over these areas which are constantly growing.

Enel is Open Power

Open Power is the strategic concept underpinning how Enel acts, which translates into being open to the outside world, to technology and internally among its people. It is an integrated and diffuse model, which creates a common culture among the various parts of the Group in order to face the planet’s major challenges, a mission to 2025 and a vision which translate into values (responsibility, innovation, trust, proactivity) and forms of conduct.

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