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Enel operates in over 30 countries, with installed net capacity of around 83 GW, with 1.9 million kilometers of distribution networks and over 61 million customers.

Energy generation

Enel produces energy in Europe, Russia, America, South Africa and India through a balanced mix of sources, in which a leading role is played by renewables (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass) and where fossil fuels are diversified across natural gas, coal and oil. Almost half of the electricity produced by Enel has no CO2 emissions, making the Group one of the main producers of clean energy.


The Group, through its distribution companies, transports energy in Italy, Romania, Iberia and Latin America thanks to 1,875,107 km of electricity distribution networks across two continents.

Electricity and gas market

The Enel Group operates through its sales companies on the protected categories market, with controlled prices, and on the free market. With over 61 million end users worldwide (56,039,735 of whom are on the electricity market and 5,511,005 on the gas market), Enel has the broadest customer base compared to its European competitors.

Main organizational changes

  • Increase in March 2016 for the Group of the stake in Enel Green Power from 68.29% to 100%;
  • merger in December 2016 of Endesa Américas and Chilectra Américas, all companies created from the spin-off of Enersis, Endesa Chile and Chilectra, into Enel Américas;
  • sale in July 2016 of 50% of the share capital of Slovak Power Holding (SPH), the company which in its turn holds 66% of the share capital of Slovenské elektrárne (SE);
  • acquisition of control in October 2016 of Distribuidora Eléctrica de Cundinamarca (DEC), which was achieved through the merger of DEC into Codensa (which already held a 49% stake);
  • sale, between November and December 2016, of 100% of Enel France, a company operating in thermal generation in France and of Marcinelle Energie, a company operating in thermal generation in Belgium;
  • on December 20, 2016 OpEn Fiber SpA (“OF”), the new name of Enel Open Fiber SpA, completed the acquisitionof the entire share capital of Metroweb Italia SpA (“Metroweb”).