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Sound governance

Enel has been listed on the electronic stock exchange (MTA) organized and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA since 1999. By virtue of the Company’s international development and its increasing profitability, together with a strong environmental and sustainability policy and the adoption of best practice in transparency and corporate governance, among Enel’s shareholders are Italian and international investment funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and ethical funds, as well as around one million small savers.

Enel confirms its standing as the Italian company with the highest number of shareholders. In the spirit of contributing to improving the transparency on corporate governance systems and to promoting the dissemination of a “culture of excellent governance”, the corporate governance report includes, for the first time, an analysis regarding sustainability issues, describing the materiality matrix and the definition of sustainability objectives (, “Investors” section). 

Index of corporate governance excellence 2016

At the annual workshop on corporate governance organized by The European House - Ambrosetti which took place in Milan in November 2016, the results of the index of corporate governance excellence for Italian listed companies (“EG Index”) for 2016 were published. The EG Index intends to measure, on an annual basis and on the basis of public documents, the health of the corporate governance systems of Italian listed companies. In particular the index analyzes five key areas: structure and representation of the shareholding structure; composition of the Board of Directors; operation of the Board of Directors; pay and bonus mechanisms; system of risk controls and management.

Enel was ranked in first place among industrial companies in the FTSE-MIB segment (as happened in 2015 too), and, with a score of 8.62/10, it was well above all the other industrial and financial companies in various segments of the listing.