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Sustainability Plan 2017-2019*

REFERENCE SDGSMain actionsTargets


Constant alignment with the recommendations and international best practice about governance

Continuous improvement of “Compliance Program”/Prevention model on company penal risks (ref. 231 Decree)

Further extension of training on 231 Model and Enel Global Compliance Program

Issue of Board of Directors’ diversity policy

In 2017

Structured induction plan dedicated to the members of the Board and of the statutory auditors during the mandate

Monitoring and support in the concrete ful-llment of the Recommendations on corporate governance of the listed subsidiaries

Yearly execution of the Board review with the support of an independent advisor

Attaining ISO 37001 “Anti-bribery Management System” certication for Enel SpA and extension to the main Italian companies

In 2017

Due diligence on human rights

Risk assessment, impact assessment and remedial actions (in 2017); training on human rights

Analysis of counterparties (adoption of a common model to analyze counterparties, realization of a unied data bank)

100% of countries where present by 2020


* See the chapter “Strategy and Sustainability Plan”.