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A sustainable year


At the Open Forum of CSR Europe held in Brussels, first document presented for the integration of the respect of human rights in company departments, with Enel also participating in its realization.


Enel participates in the fifth edition of the GRI - Global Conference, where over 1,500 sustainability leaders from around the globe set out expectations and goals regarding the “new era of transparency” for companies and institutions.


The Enel Chief Executive Officer takes part in New York in the opening session “How to Change a Mindset”, of the Global Compact Leaders Summit at the United Nations, bearing witness to how the Enel Group, in keeping with its Open Power philosophy, puts environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center of its corporate culture and as a key driver for growth in the energy sector.

“ESG engagement - Seeding Energies”: the first road show dedicated to Socially Responsible Investors (SRIs). 16 one-to-one meetings between London and Paris with institutional investors to present the Group’s mission and strategic vision.


The Enel Chief Executive Officer speaks in London at the opening seminar of The Future of Energy Summit. The summit, promoted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, seeks to focus on the changes which characterize the electricity sector given the challenges set in tackling climate change.


Enel, one of the biggest utilities in the world to have taken up and taken on the challenges of the COP21 climate agreement, takes part in the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow Conference, an international summit promoted by the New York Times, which brings together 250 representatives of governments and companies in Paris.

A new appointment for Enel with the Global Compact LEAD Symposium/Breakthrough Innovation Challenge (BIC) which brings together in Cambridge (Great Britain) representatives from companies which are leaders in sustainability and which contribute to and are part of the UN initiative to discuss and document the value of innovation in constructing a new global and shared path towards sustainable development.

Launch in Brussels at the European Investment Bank of the new GRI Standards. The GRI Standards represent the latest edition of the reporting principles on sustainability performance for an organization/business.

In London the Enel Group presents the financial community with the new Strategic Plan 2017-2019, which introduces, alongside the fundamental pillars, two additional factors to promote further growth and efficiency: digitalization and customer-focus. The Plan includes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) 4, 7, 8 and 13 which were taken on about access to energy, climate change, employment and economic development, and education.

Enel takes part in COP22 in Marrakesh, reiterating its commitment to facilitating access to energy for the most isolated communities in the world. A sustainable development perspective which starts from the bottom.