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What they say about us

Enel in the media

Enel constantly monitors the perception of the Group in the press, radio, TV and online, locally, nationally and internationally, in both the general and specialist media. Enel’s attitude in dealings with the press has always been open and positive – a fact widely acknowledged by journalists. Among the aspects which were most commonly seen as positive by the Italian and international media were the presentation of the Group’s new identity and new brand, the Futur-e program for the requalification of power plants which are no longer efficient, the project for the broad band rollout, the activities linked to renewable energies and agreements for electric transport.

From the viewpoint of the Italian media, considerable importance was attached to the aforementioned issues, while the financial papers followed closely the various stages of the corporate reorganization process with the integration of Enel Green Power and the rearrangement of the Group companies in Latin America. In terms of innovation and sustainability, there was the European INCENSe Program dedicated to start-ups, the opening of the innovation hub in Tel Aviv and the My Best Failure Program dedicated to sharing experiences among Enel people. Activities were undertaken to target the media and specialist press to valorize sustainability as an integral part of the business, its financial effects and the commitments on the four UN Sustainable Development Goals; to this may be added the recognition obtained for transparency and accuracy from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Global Compact. Importance was also placed on the “Fare Scuola” Project of Enel Cuore Onlus.
The activities linked to renewable energies (construction and operation of new plants, public tenders in Mexico, Peru and Morocco) and the offers and services for the Italian market (e-goodlife, the kit of devices to control and manage the home, the e-go All Inclusive offer) were of interest to the media.
Italian press placed its attention on the fines relating to market activities imposed by the Authority for electricity gas and water (AEEGSI). To these elements may be added in Italy the issues over service-quality, scams by phony operators, excessive billing and blackouts in the local press.

In the international press there was significant and positive coverage of the participation and speeches by the Chief Executive Officer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the opening session of the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2016 in New York and the World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Medellín, Colombia. There was positive coverage of the participation in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Future of Energy Summit in London and in the Energy for Tomorrow conference of the New York Times in Paris, as well as the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on the first day of listing of Enel Américas.
In this regard, the conclusion of the corporate reorganization process for the Group’s Latin American assets was an interesting theme for the international press, as also the positive completion of other operations envisaged by the Strategic Plan (the integration of Enel Green Power, the sale of HDE, the Italian upstream gas assets, the Belgian CCGT plant at Marcinelle, and the finalization of the sale of the first tranche of Slovenské elektrárne). Enel’s commitment to renewables and innovation is an issue of great interest for the foreign press.
In Spain, the political uncertainty which was a feature of the country during the year made constant monitoring necessary, above all for the impact on decisions in regard to the plans to support domestic coal used by power plants and on the future of the nuclear power plant in Garoña.
In Chile, the various stages of the corporate reorganization process of the Group’s Latin American assets were constantly followed by the press, representing an issue of interest above all due to the opposition of some minority shareholders to the process and doubts about the growth and investment opportunities for Enel Generación Chile. In Argentina the revision of electricity tariffs with consequent increases in costs for consumers was closely followed. In Russia, there was a problem with the interruption in August of the operations at the Reftinskaya power plant due to a technical malfunction

Brand equity and digital strategy

At the start of 2016 a thorough corporate reorganization and a new industrial strategy saw the launch of the new Enel brand, dynamic, open and which tells the story of the profound changes inside and outside the Company. The new brands were launched for Enel and its subsidiaries Enel Green Power and Endesa, and the global rebranding process started in the countries where it operates, going from over twenty brands to just three. Awareness and dissemination of the new logo are ensured through commercial and promotional activities involving sport and culture which have always been a feature of Enel.

Formula E

In May 2016, Enel became Official Power Partner of Formula E, the first motor racing championship for electric powered single-seat cars and an initiative for global change management to promote sustainable transport.
Enel will help Formula E become the most advanced global energy event, showing that the motorsport sector can and, indeed, must evolve towards more sustainable energy. The agreement envisages not only traditional sponsorship, but also an industrial dimension: the Group will provide Formula E with the most advanced technologies and solutions that are typical of a smart grid, thus enabling more efficient energy management in keeping with the principles of sustainability.
In this sense, Enel will work with Formula E to offset and gradually reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the championship, with the aim of making the whole event carbon neutral. This partnership shows Enel’s commitment to using its sustainable business model to help and address some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Enel decided to launch a project to redefine the methods to analyze the brand equity and image of the brands at global level, in order to deepen its understanding and knowledge of its consumers. The main activities concern the periodic monitoring of the presence of the Group’s companies in the media (newspapers and audio-visual media, radio, TV and online), measurement of the perceived image by analyzing the characteristics of the brand and their development over time, as well as analysis of specific issues linked to the brand itself.

In 2016 the new global digital identity was launched which led to the restructuring and standardization of the websites of the main Group companies and the rationalization and concentration of contact points with stakeholders. As well as the new website, which was created with a “user centric” approach with useful information and which can be accessed from any mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), the next step was to replicate the model on the whole network of the Group’s websites: a further 12 new websites were launched, a tangible example of the new Open Power identity. In particular, the main sustainability and innovation projects are set out in the “Stories” section of the website www.enel. com, while the data relating to non-financial information and the materiality matrix are in the “Investors” section.

Impression: represents the number of times that a web page or banner is viewed by Internet users.
** Interactions: represents the number of times a user has interacted through a comment, sharing, a click, or a “Like”

Prizes and awards

Enel was recognized at the Platts Global Energy Award (GEA) in the Industry Leadership – Energy category. The award recognizes the Group’s proactive positioning to include changes in the energy sector in its Strategic Plan and its leadership in innovation and sustainability.

Enel’s 200 MW wind farm in Dominica, Mexico, won the Infrastructure 360º Awardin the “Climate and environment” category. The award, which is presented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), each year recognizes the private projects which make the biggest contribution to creating a sustainable infrastructure system in Latin America.

Enel Distribuição Ceará was selected as the best energy distribution company in Brazil for the sixth time by the association of energy distributors (Abradee). The company also took first place in the category for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Enel wins the WAIA 2016 award for innovation. Enel won first place in the “big company” category. There was particular appreciation for the significant effort to support renewable energies and digitalization, highlighted in the Strategic Plan 2017-2019 presented in London. The widespread diffusion of smart meters, remote control and system connectivity has proven the strong point of Enel’s offer which can move equally smoothly on both networks and in retail.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) gave Technology Transfer Awards 2016 to two Endesa projects developed in Spain and a third Group project. Through these awards, EPRI recognizes leaders and innovators in the electricity sector who have been able to transform research and development into practical applications, contributing to more reliable, efficient, competitive and environmentally responsible electricity production. The projects regard the development in the As Pontes thermal plant of software that can monitor in real time the residual life of components of critical parts (for example, a boiler), the analysis of the impact on the electricity network and on the systems of the islands of a high level of distributed generation, in this case from photovoltaic energy, and finally the Advanced Distribution Management Systems Assessment Project.