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Development of the culture of safety: communication and training

In 2016, over 820 thousand1 hours of H&S education, information and on-the-job training were provided for Enel employees, with the goal of improving knowledge and specific competences of workers throughout the Group.
From November 14 to 20, 2016 there was the eighth edition of the International Health and Safety Week, providing for all workers a moment to reflect on health and safety themes. Around 1,400 events were held in 19 different countries, involving both contractors and Enel employees, for a total of 72 thousand people. The communication and support campaign entitled “Let’s Pay Attention” aimed to reinforce the importance of the collaboration and involvement of all individuals, regardless of hierarchies and roles.

Also in 2016 the information campaign on road safety continued, focusing on the main causes of accidents. The people who work in Enel responded to a quiz in 7 languages and were invited to share their personal experiences through a dedicated section on the company intranet.

staff at contracting companies who will work for Enel and who have received training on safety from their employer

Over 670 thousand hours
of information and training provided for contractors2

1 The training hours include also training on-the-job and induction courses before accessing worksites.

2 In 2016 the Group further increased the involvement of contractors. The 670 thousand training hours, besides active courses, also include the induction courses to access worksites.

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Extra Checking on Site (ECoS) - planned120 in 2020

Global awareness-raising programs on prevention and health promotion

17 in the 2017-2020 period
Further reduction in LTIFR and LDR

Integration of safety into policies, processes and procedures


Dedicated initiatives to strengthen the awareness and commitment of employees and contractors to health and safety and promotion of the culture of safety

Continuous improvement of safety on-field controls and on site inspections, and investigation of all accidents and significant near misses, identifying preventive and corrective measures

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019