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Health in Enel

The Enel Group promotes the culture of mental and physical health and organizational wellbeing and focuses on the worklife balance. In this light global and local awareness-raising campaigns are carried on in order to promote healthy lifestyles, screening programs aimed at preventing the occurrence of illnesses, and the supply of medical services is guaranteed. In Italy healthcare records are digitalized and health surveillance is managed through a dedicated IT system.

The global initiatives and programs are developed in accordance with the calendar of the World Health Organization and with local needs. Alongside global initiatives, also specific activities at country level have been implemented, focused mainly on screening programs and early diagnosis.

The Policy “Stress at Work Prevention and Wellbeing at Work Promotion” enables the identification and management of stress at work, providing also a series of indications aimed at promoting the culture of organizational wellbeing. In addition, in 2016 the Travel Policy was issued in order to standardize the prevention process against risks from environmental factors linked to the local social and healthcare context and from biological agents.

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Extra Checking on Site (ECoS) - planned120 in 2020

Global awareness-raising programs on prevention and health promotion

17 in the 2017-2020 period
Further reduction in LTIFR and LDR

Integration of safety into policies, processes and procedures


Dedicated initiatives to strengthen the awareness and commitment of employees and contractors to health and safety and promotion of the culture of safety

Continuous improvement of safety on-field controls and on site inspections, and investigation of all accidents and significant near misses, identifying preventive and corrective measures

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019