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Safety in contract processes

Safety is strongly integrated into contract processes, and Enel scrupulously follows its contractors, monitoring their performance both in the prior stage, through the approval systems, and the contract execution stage, through numerous control processes.
In the General Contracting Conditions, which are valid for the whole Enel Group, there are clauses dedicated to health and safety. In 2016 the process of reviewing the supplier approval and selection process was completed. The new model, which is common to all the Group’s Business Lines, envisages even stricter rules for selection of the companies on the basis of their H&S performance. As for the monitoring of activities during execution of the contract, the Vendor Rating system is a consolidated process. H&S performance is measured through a specific index and, since 2015, the application of a global model on the Vendor Rating index affects evaluation of the contractor after a significant accident occurred.

For this reason, the contractors are involved in numerous initiatives aimed at promoting the safety culture; for instance, the Safety Personalized Plan – Contractors meeting was organized in Italy, involving a group of contractors working for more than one Business Line and which activities have a significant impact on safety, in order to share a common commitment to realize the improvement actions identified. In 2016 on-field inspections and control activities on contractors continued; over 250 thousand checks were carried out throughout the Group.

In 2016 Extra Checking on Site (ECoS) rose by 56% compared to 2015, with 219 ECoS carried out (compared to the 98 planned). The “Extra Checking on Site” tool has the aim of evaluating the adequacy of the organization, commitment and processes in a pre-determined operative area. These controls are performed by expert HSEQ personnel external to the operating unit subject to the assessment, together with technical experts specific to the business and permit to plan and define corrective actions that are duly monitored.

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Extra Checking on Site (ECoS) - planned120 in 2020

Global awareness-raising programs on prevention and health promotion

17 in the 2017-2020 period
Further reduction in LTIFR and LDR

Integration of safety into policies, processes and procedures


Dedicated initiatives to strengthen the awareness and commitment of employees and contractors to health and safety and promotion of the culture of safety

Continuous improvement of safety on-field controls and on site inspections, and investigation of all accidents and significant near misses, identifying preventive and corrective measures

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019