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Our People


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all


Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

At December 31, 2016 the Enel Group had 62,080 employees, of whom 51% were in companies based in Italy and 49% abroad. The balance between the numbers at the start and end of the year shows a fall of around 5,800, due mainly to the removal from the scope of Slovenské elektrárne. New hires, totaling 3,360, occurred in Italy for 34%, while the remaining 66% were spread across other countries. The percentage of women in the workforce remained stable compared to 2015.

Our People

10 Calculated as the ratio between the average salary of female Managers and Middle Managers and the average salary (men + women) of Managers and Middle Managers

The Enel Group employees

The Enel Group employees

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Performance appraisal for employees who have been working in the company for at least 3 months100% of people* involved in 2020
99% of people* assessed in 2020
94% of people* interviewed (for feedback)
in 2020
Climate survey100% involvement of people* in 2020
84% participation of people* in 2020
Implementation of diversity and inclusion policyThe selection process must guarantee a
fair gender representation in the pool of
candidates (50% by 2020)
Appointment of focal points for disability
in the main countries by 2017
Assignment of tutors to 100% of expats
as part of mobility projects for the
youngest staff by 2020
Training – Scholarships program for employees in cooperation with strategic partners, universities and research centers480 study grants in the 2017-2020 period
Promotion of a “safe travel” culture (Extension to all countries of the Group of the model used in Italy, creation of a dashboard)100% of countries where present by 2020

* Eligible and reachable: those who are part of the workforce and have been working for at least 3 months in the year of assessment and those who can access the online or printed questionnaire.

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019