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Listening and dialogue

During 2016 an important moment for listening and discussion was the Climate and Safety survey. Compared to the previous editions, it was planned to involve people right from the preliminary stages, in order to identify the priorities and define the questionnaire together. Enel decided to call the project “E-Voice” underlining the importance of the voice of the people at Enel. The communication campaign was focused on the importance of participation, seen as the opportunity for improvement, in the light of transparency and reciprocal exchange between people and a company which is prepared to take risks and is ready to welcome new ideas and suggestions in order to improve.

Around 60 thousand people worldwide were invited to respond, representing 100% of the reachable and eligible employees; 84% of them took the opportunity to express their opinion and 54% made a suggestion by replying to an open-ended question. The results show a positive situation: 75% of people feel engaged, 79% believe in the company’s goals and 85% would recommend it as a good place to work.

Another important instrument for listening and being close to people is certainly represented by the interviews of the HR Business Partners, company figures whose primary duty is to listen to and identify people’s needs in order to integrate them with the organization’s needs. In line with this vision, during 2016 interviews continued as did the collection of colleagues’ requests, an activity which started in 2015. In particular, interviews were held with a further 11,627 colleagues leading to a total of 43,453, thus reaching 70% of the company population. Once the work of initial mapping is finished, the interviews will be held at least annually. The work of the HR Business Partners is supported by that of the HR Support Points, real physical meeting points to which people may refer to resolve administrative and operational issues regarding their employment relationship.

Internal communication

Enel considers internal communication an important support to the creation of the company culture and to the growth of people and of the organization, by encouraging and promoting the exchange of information, knowhow and experience. 2016 started with the launch of the new company identity and the new logo presented at the end of January in Madrid. In the delicate period of transition towards the new Enel, internal communication activities supported the ongoing change, with the dissemination of a new identity not only in terms of graphics but also, and above all, in terms of values. “We change inside to show the world we change outside” was the motto which led the drive towards understanding the Open Power strategy. The campaign was translated into 7 languages with a dedicated media plan to explain to Enel people worldwide the reasons for the change and the distinguishing features of the new brand – cursors, dynamism and colors – making available all the instruments needed for its correct internal use. The process of disseminating the strategy started on January 26, 2016 with the convention which involved over 200 top Group managers to share the results of 2015 and the challenges of 2016. Following this it was the turn of what in Enel is termed the Cascade Process with 190 events worldwide, involving 57,348 people and active participation by 45,331 people, 17% more than in the Cascade Process in 2015, guaranteeing for all colleagues standard information in their respective areas and levels. There was an intranet section in three languages dedicated to the project which kept colleagues constantly updated on meetings and contents: with over 100 thousand page visits in 4 months. A survey process – which had a total response rate of 51% of participants – recorded a high satisfaction level of 3.8.

In 2016 Enel’s internal media was redesigned and renewed in order to ensure that the contents reach everyone in the company in all the geographical areas where it operates, are accessible also from mobile devices and outside the company network, and enable input from all the countries. The new intranet, which was released in December 2016 after being broadly shared at various levels, unites all the people in Enel for the first time on a single platform and allows contents and services to be received which match the activities undertaken, with the possibility of viewing all the corporate content, in a concept of openness, flexibility and simplicity. The internal house organ, renamed eMagazine – Sharing Energy Stories, available in both print and digital form, contains a global section and a specific local section for each country, regular features dedicated to the business and people of Enel and an interactive blog in three languages run by the Chief Executive Officer and called Corrente Continua (Continuous Dialogue).

Internal media

12 In 2016 the data refer to the “global in Enel” intranet and to the intranet in Latin America. As from 2017 there is a single “Global intranet”.

FEIEA Grand Prix Award 2016

Two internal communication projects won prestigious recognitions at the FEIEA Grand Prix Award 2016, the competition which rewards the best internal communication projects in Europe:

  • the Road Safety campaign – first place in the Best Multinational Communication Strategy category;
  • (IL)LEGAL Factor campaign – second place in the Best Internal Communication Event category. The staff in the Legal and Corporate Affairs Division launched a competition among teams of lawyers to realize the best research on legal themes of interest to the Group. The aim is to offer the lawyers the opportunity to get to know each other and to have visibility in the company, to stimulate the preparation of high quality work which offers innovative solutions and to disseminate ideas. Under the mock title of “Who has the (IL)LEGAL Factor” three semi-finals were organized: 3 locations – Rome, Santiago del Cile and Bucharest – as well as 3 examination rooms and a court for the final held in Rome.
Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Performance appraisal for employees who have been working in the company for at least 3 months100% of people* involved in 2020
99% of people* assessed in 2020
94% of people* interviewed (for feedback)
in 2020
Climate survey100% involvement of people* in 2020
84% participation of people* in 2020
Implementation of diversity and inclusion policyThe selection process must guarantee a
fair gender representation in the pool of
candidates (50% by 2020)
Appointment of focal points for disability
in the main countries by 2017
Assignment of tutors to 100% of expats
as part of mobility projects for the
youngest staff by 2020
Training – Scholarships program for employees in cooperation with strategic partners, universities and research centers480 study grants in the 2017-2020 period
Promotion of a “safe travel” culture (Extension to all countries of the Group of the model used in Italy, creation of a dashboard)100% of countries where present by 2020

* Eligible and reachable: those who are part of the workforce and have been working for at least 3 months in the year of assessment and those who can access the online or printed questionnaire.

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019