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A transparent relationship with customers

Transparency of commercial communication

In all the companies in the Enel Group, in conformity with the Code of Ethics, all contracts, communications addressed to customers and advertising must be:

  • clear and simple, using language that is as close as possible to that normally used by the interlocutors;
  • compliant with the laws in force, without using evasive or unfair practices;
  • complete, without neglecting any detail that is significant in terms of customers’ decisions;
  • accessible to customers.

Enel is developing a digital transformation process which positions customers at the center (see also the chapter “Open Innovability”). In Italy, during 2016 various communication initiatives were undertaken aimed at making information on the energy world clearer for customers, including:

  • review of the usability of the website in order to make it easier for customers;
  • new online commercial assistance service;
  • making available to 9.5 million customers the online “Bolletta Genius” platform, which can be accessed from the reserved area of the Enel Energia website, which enables customers to consult their own electricity and gas bills, analyze their consumption, check the trend in consumption over time and compare themselves with other customers in the same area;
  • new authentication and authorization system and Social Login available as from July 25 online and from the mobile app of Enel Energia, Enel Servizio Elettrico and Enel Sole. This system replaces MyEnel to guarantee separation and autonomy in the management and storage of data. The Social Login function is also available on the Enel Energia portal and the mobile app of Enel Energia with a social account on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter;
  • possibility of consulting the Enel Energia website also in English
  • new store locator on online portal and app which can be used from all mobile devices.

In Italy, Enel Energia, in keeping with the provisions of the law, indicates on the website and on bills the mix of energy sources used to produce the electricity supplied, as well as information on the energy mix required by European directives.

In Iberia, Endesa guarantees attention to customers online and through phone assistance. The website has more than 1.5 million customers registered (12% more than in 2015), electronic invoicing continues to spread together with the use of the apps. Two channels have been launched for WhatsApp and Facebook.
Of particular importance in Latin America in 2016 was the rebranding project which follows that already launched in Italy and Spain. A new identity, colors and logo represent the Group’s integration in the various countries where it is present and wish to respond jointly to the great challenges and opportunities of the energy market, in line with the Open Power approach.

Colombia – Ventana Inteligente (“Smart Window”) Project

On November 30, 2016, Codensa presented the first of ten smart windows which will be installed over the next two years. It is a technology which introduces a new means of interacting with customers: fast, simple and timely. It is possible to use 3 modules: video chat, self-consultation and website. The main advantage involves the possibility of access without any restriction on times, including weekends and holidays. Through the window, customers can receive tailored assistance through a video call with a virtual consultant. It is also possible to view invoices, print copies, access information on products and services and the Crédito Fácil service and navigate the Codensa website.

Accessibility of information

For communication with customers to be really transparent, correct and effective, it is necessary to ensure that any cultural or linguistic barriers, illiteracy or disability do not nullify equal access to information. Among the various initiatives are for example:

  • Italy: a simultaneous translation service is in operation at Enel retail outlets in 13 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabian, Russian, Romanian, Punjabi, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian). As part of the “Servizi Enel per il sociale” Program, which was created in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, Enel Servizio Elettrico sends bills in Braille to visually-impaired customers. Finally, Enel Energia has activated the chat function on its website.
  • Spain: the website has a large section to provide detailed explanations of electricity and gas bills, for both the free and regulated market, concept by concept. The website is available in Castilian, Catalan and English. In addition, Endesa seeks to overcome any barriers, whether physical, social or linguistic, thanks to its commitment to digitalization, through methods and support to guarantee access to the customer service for the disabled and the elderly (for example, a channel dedicated to people with hearing and speech difficulties to receive information on invoices and contracts). The phone channel, as well as being available in several languages, envisages a specific application to facilitate communication with people with speech problems. Contact points with customers are all on ground floors to guarantee access for the disabled.
  • Colombia: visually-impaired customers receive bills in Braille. In total for 2016, 420 invoices were issued to facilitate the interpretation of consumption for customers.
  • Romania: recently the Enel website and the app were completely redesigned to facilitate interaction and enable access to users remotely through their smartphone and tablet: an online consultant is available directly from the MyEnel account. In addition, in the areas where there is no Enel retail outlet, there are digital self-service kiosks in public places, where customers can view all the necessary information.

Privacy protection

In all the countries where it operates, Enel acts in compliance with the laws in force on privacy protection for customers. Enel is also committed to careful monitoring of all the third-party companies which may use the personal data of Enel’s customers. Specific clauses are envisaged for this in contracts with partners who use personal data to carry out specific activities, such as for example sales or customer satisfaction surveys.

Commercial offers and products and services for energy saving

In all the countries where Enel operates, a vast range of high performance energy products has been launched to guarantee savings in terms both of consumption and emissions.
In Italy there are commercial offers based on differentiated time bands which facilitate the overall efficiency of loads on the electricity network and for customers access at a lower price in the set time bands, which enables a significant saving in costs. In addition, customers are made aware of and responsible for their consumption choices and in their bills can easily check how much they have consumed in each time band, if necessary correcting possible misalignments in order to ensure the greatest saving possible.

During 2016 the Speciale Luce offer was launched which envisages the use of only certified energy produced from renewables such as water, sun, wind and the heat of the earth, underlining Enel’s strong commitment to environmental themes. The offer, which was available from April to July 2016, is reserved to all residential customers. Throughout 2016 the EnergiaX65 and EnergiaXOggi offers were confirmed following their launch in 2015. Both the offers comply with the exclusive use of certified energy produced from renewables and have a significant social impact. For each contract activated for EnergiaXOggi, Enel Energia, through Enel Cuore, undertakes to donate 2 euro to support digital teaching in kindergartens and primary schools. In the residential segment, Enel Energia has consolidated the offer of innovative added value products and the launch of some initiatives for smart homes and e-mobility.

Also in Iberia in 2016 the offer of added value services was intensified and they help promote economic, environmental and social sustainability. The initiatives were focused on energy efficiency, electric mobility, use of renewables, and digitalization.

In Chile in 2016 the Solar Electric and Full Electric projects continued: the former enables the heating of water through a solar-electric mix, the latter includes the integrated use of electrical equipment, using hi-tech and high efficiency devices (kitchen equipment, hot water and heating solutions).
Finally, in Brazil too the attention to the themes of energy saving and efficiency took the form of specific projects such as Enel Comparte Consumo Consciente – an education program on energy saving which envisages the replacement of old lightbulbs with new generation lighting – and Enel Comparte Eficiencia – regarding the replacement of old white goods.

From collecting points to involvement: EnelPremia

In Italy in 2016 Enel Energia transformed EnelPremia, the historic loyalty program, into an active, informed and loyal digital community, which at year end numbered 1.2 million members. Through EnelPremia, Enel Energia has encouraged virtuous behavior using quizzes, games and competitions oriented at respect and environmental and social sustainability. It covers promotion of sustainability from the correct recycling of waste, to the seasonal nature of food, to efficient consumption in the home up to concrete initiatives, such as participation in solidarity events or crowdfunding activities and the use of car sharing.


At the end of 2016 e-goodlife was launched on the Italian market, a system of useful and innovative home automation services, starting from the world of energy (awareness of consumption and remote control of the home) and covering also security, to help customers save time and energy in managing their home and life.

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTargets
Acquisition of new customers on free market+15.7 million customers in the 2017-2019 period
New energy efciency solutions and dissemination of new products and services
Commercial offers and integrated services tailored on customers’ needs
Initiatives to promote responsible consumption 
Promote sustainable electric mobility through the development and adoption of innovative business models
Increase the diffusion of digital billing through initiatives and campagins targeted at all customers
Cabling ratio74% by 2019

* The management of relations and the development of the various initiatives/offers is defined at the level of each individual country where the Group is present, therefore refer to the related Sustainability Reports for the identification of the individual targets.

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019