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Value for countries and local areas

Enel contributes in a concrete way to the social and economic development and growth of the local areas and communities where it operates with various types of intervention, from expanding infrastructure to education and training programs, from initiatives aimed at social inclusion to projects to support the cultural life of the area. The LBG (London Benchmarking Group) method, devised by a work group in which more than 100 international companies participate, is a measurement model that enables a company’s contributions to the development of the communities in which it is present to be clearly determined and classified.

In particular, under the LBG standard, expenditure on contributions to communities can be classified in:

  • charitable donations: these are pro bono contributions that create no obligations for the recipients except to use the donation for beneficial ends and for non-profit associations. For Enel this item includes all cash and in-kind donations, including philanthropic and charitable activities;
  • investments in the community: medium/long-term involvement in projects to support communities, also in partnership with local organizations, aimed at addressing significant issues both for the local area and for the company. This category includes, for example, projects linked to a broader strategy to benefit the community, such as “Access to Electricity”, or specific initiatives dedicated to communities close to power plants;
  • commercial initiatives with a social impact: contributions to activities related to the core business, in which the Company promotes its own brand and corporate identity. Examples of these initiatives are marketing campaigns which also include benefits for the community or which include contributions to charitable causes.

In 2016 Enel’s total contribution to the communities where it operates stood at around 60 million euro.

Reference SDGs: 
Main actionsTarget
Access to energy3 million beneciaries, mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America by 2020
Social and economic development1.5 million beneciaries* by 2020
Quality education0.4 million beneciaries by 2020
Implementation of new projects for the support of the communities in which Enel operates in order to create shared value and to foster the energy culture 
Diffusion of the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model in the operational activities (Business Development – BD, Engineering & Construction – E&C, Operation & Maintenance – O&M)
Strengthening of strategic partnership and promotion of operational partnership

* Target updated compared to 500 thousand initial beneficiaries.

Sustainability Plan 2017-2019